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Due to the occasion, we are unfortunately forced to stop international shipping. Orders outside of Europe are no longer (temporarily) possible!

All orders that have already been placed will of course still be dispatched!

Furthermore, we are unfortunately forced to close the shop from Monday for an expected 1 week. We have so many messages and other things that have been left behind due to the effort of the past few weeks that we can no longer do it any other way!

As the customers probably noticed last week, there has been no shipping for about a week now. Unfortunately, this is also due to the massive flood of emails that are currently reaching us. At the weekend we will pack ALL open orders that have arrived until today and then ship on Monday! Please excuse the delay!

The last time was very stressful for us, so maybe the information was not detailed enough. We are trying again to clarify the issue of shipping.

In principle, it is absolutely understandable for us that you worry if it takes a little longer for your order to arrive and you want to ask. That is not a problem at all and we do not find it annoying for us. The biggest problem we have, however, is that many people get in touch very quickly because they see on social media that others have received their order.
That costs us a lot of time. We just ask you to be a little patient.

At the moment it is very difficult to say how long it will take for an order to arrive. If it takes more than 7 working days to Germany or other neighboring countries (from receipt of the shipping mail!) You should contact us in any case. Customers from the rest of Europe should contact us if you have been waiting longer than 2 weeks.

For orders from the rest of the world, unfortunately, it can take a few weeks at the moment. We are currently in close contact with our post office. Which writes the following:
“Due to the current situation (Covid 19) and the associated precautionary measures as well as logistical restrictions of foreign postal operators, there are considerable delays in delivery in all affected countries. Shipments that arrive in the USA are currently stored in distribution centers or at the responsible customs authorities . Unfortunately, our partner has no prospect of when the situation can be expected to normalize again. We hope that there will soon be an improvement in this area.”

We are very sorry about the way things are going in the moment, but there is not much we can do right now. As soon as we receive an update from our post office, we will let you know immediately!

But don´t worry, everyone will receive their order and if this really is not the case, we will of course refund your money back! But give us a little bit more time to clarity this with our postal service and to work off everything that could not be done the last time!

We thank you for your patience and for your loyalty!

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